Jun 26th 2012: Western Morning New feature.
Former farmer pens second children's book
A farmer who has turned his hand from shearing sheep to writing children's stories has now published a second book. David Evans drew on his own farming upbringing to create Thistledown Farm and its eccentric manager, Farmer John. Mr Evans published Farmer John's Boots and Other Stories in 2010 and now he has followed it up with Thistledown Farm: Farmer John's Bloomers. The stories introduce children to characters such as Daisy the talking dairy cow and Suzie the pig, with warm and humorous tales of mishaps in everything from milking to making sausages. Mr Evans said: "Farmer John is as likeably down-to-earth and inept as ever. "He always has a new ploy up his sleeve and readers will chuckle as his best laid plans 'go oft agley' – but always come right in the end." Mr Evans was educated at Seale-Hayne agricultural college, and farmed sheep until he had to give up because of illness. He has self-published his books, which are available through Amazon, priced at £5.99.  
Nov 11th 2010: Waterstones four-star rating.
"Quirky Farmyard Humour - Charming farmyard tales for younger readers. Meet Farmer John and his wife Wendy on Thistledown Farm. A fun and vibrant place to live especially with all those talking animals. This book is a collection of short stories which are ideal to read at bedtime. Often humorous and quirky tales make it fun for children and adults alike".

July 4th 2010: Exeter Express & Echo.
'Farmer John has been with me for a very long time'
E&E feature on the author.

May 21st 2010, Western Morning News
Ex-farmer turns countryside life into loveable kids' book:
"An ex-farmer has turned the quirky personality foibles of his former colleagues into a loveable children's book character. David Evans, 44, has created a series of illustrated short stories featuring Farmer John, an "eccentric" with a passion for the countryside ..."